USB Rechargeable Electric Automatic Penis Pump with Display
Power Pump Increases Erection's Length And Width –– Without Batteries!
Pumpers rejoice! Now it's easier than ever to power pump without batteries. Just let the quiet motor do all the work with 4 speeds at your finger tips. 
The Rechargeable Automatic Pump's constant vacuum suction draws circulation into the penis, causing it to enlarge and stay harder, longer.
A comfy, supple silicone donut keeps the vacuum seal tight as you watch your erection grow through the clear acrylic chamber.
Rechargeable Automatic Pump
USB rechargeable 
Fully automatic and one-handed control
Quick suction release button for pump safety
Quieter than most powered pumps
Comfortable silicone donut for airtight seal. Two included.
Cool blue display shows how much suction and how long you have pumped.
Controller's 4 speeds increase and decrease pressure
Add a little water based lube to donut for easier insertion and removal
Chamber is 8" tall, 2.75" wide
Pressure release valve
Removable top for easy and discreet charging
Industrial grade clear see-through acrylic chamber with measurement
Easy clean-up
USB cord included
3-5 hours for a full charge
Runs for as long as 90 minutes on a full charge
Overall length: 11.5"
Cylinder: length 8"| width:2.75"
Opening inner diameter: 2.25"
One silicone pump sleeve included.(use water-based lube only)

USB Rechargeable Electric Automatic Penis Pump with Display

SKU: C90225